USACE BW The Los Angeles Army Corps of Engineers owns, maintains, and operates basins in California, Arizona and Nevada.

Within California, there is the Los Angeles County Drainage Area (LACDA), the Santa Ana River (SAR) Drainage Basin, and the Mojave River Basin. Brea Dam, Fullerton Dam, Hansen Dam, Lopez Dam, Santa Fe Dam, Sepulveda Dam and Whittier Narrows Dam reside within the LACDA and San Antonio Dam, Carbon Canyon Dam, and Prado Dam reside within SAR. Mojave River Dam is located in the Mojave River Basin.

Within Arizona, there is the Bill Williams River Basin and the Gila River Basin. Alamo Dam is located in the Bill Williams River Basin and Painted Rock Dam and Whitlow Dam are located in the Gila River Basin.

Within Nevada, there is the Muddy River Basin that includes Mathews Canyon Dam and Pine Canyon Dam.

In addition to our projects, there are several Section 7 Projects. These projects are owned and operated by other Federal or County agencies. The Los Angeles District Corps of Engineers oversees their flood control regulation. The projects include Seven Oaks Dam, Twitchell Dam, Modified Roosevelt Dam, Hoover Dam, and Tat Momolikot Dam.

Additional information on the projects, including background and real time data, can be accessed by selecting the proper basin below.

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